A Woman Made Well

MOMENT OF TRANSPARENCY: I look at myself now and see God’s child, Royalty. I see a Kingdom Woman with value and a given identity. Was it always like this? Lol. No. Three years ago, when God gave me a new identity, I was just as lost. But over the years, particularly 2020, He’s made it known as to why He had to change my identity. You see and know me as Destiny, but allow me to reintroduce myself. I AM MADEXWELL.

made•x•well: sturdy, built to last; made well in the image of Christ; holding great value

My note to you: God makes all things well. What’s good to us, may not be God. But what’s God is always good. Before you enter a new year, a new day, take time to be present with who He’s created and called you to be. Take the time to be present with yourself, and allow His Holy Spirit to minister to your soul. Be honest and transparent with Him. Yes—He knows you, but I challenge you to invite Him into every area of your life. 


Now, when doing so, this may bring about unexpected changes. It may feel uncomfortable, painful & even lonely. But, I promise, I serve a God that promised He would never leave. He is a man of HIS Word. Invite Him in. 


p.s. this is grace, made well.

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