Purpose in Fasting

Falling in love with Jesus, is the best thing I’ve ever done.

I went on an extended fast for 7 months in the beginning of ‘21. 

Totally unexpected.

It began as a 21-day fast with my Cali community of sisters & when I say POWERFUL, LAWD! 

Though each season of fasting looked different, those 7 months were truly everything I could not have imagined!

I developed a deeper intimacy and a prayer life—falling in love with God all over again! 

To be away from the familiar, hidden under His covering—just You and the Spirit—it hits differently. 

Especially when it’s the power that lives within you, being used in a new realm. 

I want to encourage you to try Jesus on a new level. Fall in love with Him all over again!

It’s like any intimate relationship, you’re gonna do what’s needed to keep it fresh and alive.

Do the same here. 

Communicate through prayer. Nothing fancy. Talk to your Father. Savor His presence and TRUTH. 

Know that He hears your silent prayers as well. 

The intimacy goes deeper than you may think. 

I pray that you make room for Him to expand in your spiritual life. 


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